Check Weigher - IPC

Assuring Inventive Accuracy

One of the biggest bane of the packaging industry is weight variance. The second being absence of product in the packaging. These affect not only the brand but also the credibility among the consumers who are loaded with options.

One of the surest ways of being sure of the weight is Shubham Automation' Check Weigh machine. It safeguards your product from accuracy pains as well as your brand from credibility losses.

Embedded with the state-of-the-art software that not only combines the speed and accuracy but also gives out in-depth analysis which can help solve challenges at the shop-floor level.

This industrial grade check weigher can check weights rapidly and also record live weights and store them for future reference. Due to its network capabilities, this Check Weigher can send out and store data centrally through systems and give out MIS of any locations.

Smooth Vibration free Conveyor.

Products are conveyed smoothly to the weighing area without any jerks or vibrations to offer clean weights.

Large Screens collating data.

Large screens help centralize the data and help manage the flow and customize to each product specification.

Check Weigher in Action

Check out the efficient functioning of the Check Weigher in this video.

Unique Features of Checkweigher - IPC

  • Industrial PC with 15 inch touch display
  • Complete 21 CFR Compliance Solution
  • Audit Trail Report to record each and every instance
  • Alarm History Report with time stamp
  • Digital Signature Verification to prohibit unauthorised access
  • User Management with different access rights allocation facility
  • Group Management Facility
  • Auto Log out of user function after no use of any function till certain pre determined time
  • Different Reports like Total Production Report , Pass Production Report , Total Rejection Report , Batch Details Report & Batch Summary Report
  • Different Alarms like Low Air Pressure / Emergency Stop / Consecutive Fail / Sensor Jam (Continuous Sensor on)
  • Product Analysis by 4 Weight Zone Classification
  • Report printing and USB storage facility
  • Online Weight Graph display
  • Online Zone Distribution graph display
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • Data Backup and Restore facilities




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Technical specifications

Weight RangeUp to 1000 gramsUp to 2000 gramsUp to 5000 gramsUp to 1000 gramsUp to 2000 grams
Throughput (Weighing /Minute) (*1)Max 100 to 120Max 80Max 40-50Max 250Max 150
Accuracy (*2)From +/- 300 mgFrom +/- 1gFrom +/- 2gFrom +/- 150 mgFrom +/- 500 mg
Display Resolution0.1g/0.2g0.1g/0.2g1g/5g0.1g/0.01g0.1g/0.01g
Operating Height in mm (*3)700-850700-850700-850700-850700-850
Weighing TechnologyFluid Damped Load CellFluid Damped Load CellFluid Damped Load CellEMFREMFR
Environmental Degree ProtectionIp65Ip65Ip65Ip65Ip65
Power Supply230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply6 kg/cm26 kg/cm26 kg/cm26 kg/cm26 kg/cm2

Rejection Mechanism : Pusher / air blow / diverter

Pharma vertical clientele