Friction Feeder

Feed Your Growth

An integral process of de-stacking which is compatible with all machine applications from the Shubham stable. Sort out leaflets, labels, flat cartons or any multi-layer products in a manner that reduces crowding and ensures a smooth passage of products.

Shubham's feeders can be attached to any machine and is useful accompaniment in the entire process of sorting which is the beginning of all pains or happiness. Invest with Shubham and Feed your growth, worry free.

Feeder Unique Features

  • Motorized friction Feeder suitable to transfer various products like Plastic Pouches, Folded Leaflets, Loose Labels, Outserts and Unfolded Cartons
  • adjustable speed control to separate Product
  • MS/SS 304 mechanical structure
  • Designed to deliver any products on Conveyor at very high speed for various functions like printing & scanning
  • Vacuum Based Conveying system to give accurate and jerk free movements of product
  • Photoelectric sensor compatible for particular product
  • PLC based Control Panel with Central Control System for rejection
  • PID controller based Counters for counting product on conveyor

Technical specifications

Machine HousingMade from SS or MS
PrinterIntegration with any Printer
Conveying MechanismVacuum based PVC belt conveyor
Machine Dimension in mm1700 (L) X 800 (W) X 1750 (H) (May be vary as per Product size)
Speed in PPM (Product Per Minute)120 PPM
Product SuitabilityPlastic Pouches, Folded Leaflets, Loose Labels, Outserts etc.
Supply230 VAC

Pharma vertical clientele