Automation, a Way of Life

At Shubham Automation, we can be accused of having an algorithmic mind. We are always constantly automating processes and attempting to free the human hands from the pain of errors.

Shubham's range of automation products help large organizations automate large to medium to small scale processes that permit more free time and worry-free mind. This helps them focus on internal innovations as well as expansion and more revenue sources, rather than squandering over physical acts of labour.

MUP (Mix Up Prevention)

Reducing Human Errors, Increasing Profits

A machine that helps you and your brand remain on top of the value chain by offering the right products with accurate labels. This machine is a must for those conscious of their Brand and products.

Print N Apply

Error-free technology reduces pain

Utilize it for time stamping, serialization or to differentiate products and shipping boxes. A blessing especially in case of product recalls or exigencies that need tracking parcels or shipments.


Feed Your Growth

Maintain a sturdy, consistent & smooth flow of components. Easy design and sharp features are the highlight of Shubham's feeders.

Labelling Machine

Simple, Secure and Worry-free Application

Whatever the shape, size or need of your product Shubham will automate and label it for you, accurately, fast & effectively.

Leaflet Pasting

Exterior Automation, Internal Peace

Taking away the pain of cumbersome pasting and manual error prone job into a marvelous pain free Automation product.

Pharma vertical clientele