You no longer have to worry about products getting mixed or the customer discovering items with wrong product codes, labels, artwork. Hawk Mix Up Prevention automates the verification of packing material and sorts products with respective labels to prevent mix-up.

Hawk Mix Up Prevention has a PCC ACCURA software and different vision tools to read machine readable code like Linear code, 2D Matrix code, Mono/Color pharma code and human readable codes and data. It can analyze and prevent mix-ups of two entities simultaneously.

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    Benefits of Hawk Mix Up Prevention

    Hawk Mix Up Prevention reduces human errors, enhances your brand image, and increases profits by preventing any wrong product packaging details and mix-up while improving productivity by analyzing multiple products with two cameras simultaneously.

    Analyzes Various Types of Codes

    You now won’t have to worry about the type of code you use in products, Hawk Mix Up Prevention can scan them all. Hawk Mix Up Prevention has different vision tools to read machine readable code like Linear code, 2D Matrix code, Mono/Color pharma code and human readable codes and data.

    Detailed Analysis of Your Operations

    Hawk Mix Up Prevention allows you to generate various reports like fail image analysis, batch summary report, daily batch report, etc., providing you a complete overview of your operations.

    Boosts Productivity

    Hawk Mix Up Prevention has a carton mix-up prevention system that can verify the label of two products simultaneously and accurately, thereby boosting productivity at floor level.

    Robust Rejection System

    Hawk Mix Up Prevention offers a PLC-based control panel with a central control system for online rejections. It also uses other rejection methods such as flapper-based and low-air machine stop interlock systems to reject the wrong product.

    Key Features

    • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.
    • A camera setup to read the content and identify wrong coding or artwork.
    • A motorized feeder with adjustable speed to separate carton and leaflet before the inspection. Motorized Feeder is designed to deliver products like Folded Leaflets, Loose Labels, Outserts, and Unfolded Cartons on vacuum Conveyors at very high speed.
    • Online Vision system with Matrix Vision hardware and PCC ACCURA software that can inspect products length and width wise.
    • 15-inch IPC display so you can adjust settings and analyze the system operations.
    • Machine stop command for consecutive Pharmacode/1-D Code error in leaflet/carton & reset only through supervisor password authentication.
    • Flapper-based rejection system for rejection of wrong product.
    • PLC logic to prevent any mismatch of rejection counts.
    • Bin verification system to ensure any unwanted product in the mainstream line.
    Technical Mix Up Prevention System
    Cabinet Housing Structure made from SS 304 with Acrylic Doors
    Display 15.6 inch industrial grade capacitive touch display
    Signal Light 3 Stack Signal light for visualization of operating mode
    Camera Support One No. of High Resolution Mono / Color Vision hardware with special designed illumination
    Application Linear Barcode, Pharmacode and Data Matrix
    Application Area Leaflet, Booklet and Unfolded cartons
    Machine Dimensions in mm 1900 (L) X 800 (W) Approx.
    Working Height in mm 800 (H) (Adjustable)
    Supply 230 VAC

      Pharmaceutical Industry

      Food and Beverages Industry

      FMCG Industry

      Chemicals and Pesticides Industry

    Shirish G Belapure,

    Senior Technical Advisor
    – Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance

    Former President, Manufacturing
    – Cadila Healthcare Limited

    Former Managing Director
    – Zydus Hospira Oncology Pvt Ltd

    I have known Shubham Automation for almost two decades. Their passion for technology, product workmanship and quality support are their strength. They do follow and run by the phrase ‘Customer is God’ in a true sense. I wish them all the best in all their future endeavours.

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    I am glad to have come across Shubham Automation as in my business. I was looking for accurate solutions to keep our product quality in check. Shubham Automation’s weight and vision-based quality assurance solutions have been perfec for our applications.

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    Shubham Automation has proven to be our genuine partners when we decided to implement Track & Trace at our plan. It’s after sales support is phenomenal.

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    Shubham Automation has been our trusted partner for years for its effective and reliable weighing solutions. The machines are fast, flexible, durable and perfect for our applications.

    Harsh H. Joshi,
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    At all our challenging environments, Shubham Automation has been 100 percent supportive and has guided us throughout the process of finding appropriate solution. It has proved to be our reliable partner in our perilous times.

    Pratikbhai Chotai,
    Talod Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

    Shubham Automation has not only provided solutions for our problems but they have offered insights along with it. Since installation; the performance, accuracy and efficiency has been taken care of.

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