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Bottle line End to End Automation

Our turnkey serialization solution with a smart Track & Trace technology confirms the products across the supply chain. Here’s the one of its kind packaging solution with zero human intervention process. The latest End-to-End solution for US bulk packing secondary line provides all in one solution. It comprises Labelling machine, Topsert pasting machine, online check weigher, Smart 360° scanning system for code association, Robotic Pick & Place based Case Packer, Case erector, Case Sealer, Online case weighing, Track & Trace along with Print & Apply that will expedite and streamline your entire packaging process.

High speed Printer and Camera Inspection system

360° 2D Code Scanning System

Robotics Pick & Place

Online Print & Apply system

Smart, Accurate & Secure Track and Trace Solution

Our advanced end of packaging line solutions are crafted specially for prominent Pharma companies. We produce high-quality packaging automation solutions customized as per your requirement so you can be flexible, adaptable, consistent and as fast as you need to be.

Absolutely Compliant

We believe in offering solutions that adhere to 21CFR Part 11 compliance to ensure the best product packing process in the industry.

Advanced Technology

Our pro machine has an inbuilt high speed and high resolution camera with specially designed illumination technology.

Product Hierarchy

The aggregation process creates a parent-child relationship to maintain a proper hierarchy of products for a secure supply chain through our Track & Trace system.

For All Industries

Pharma, chemical, food & beverages, FMCG or any industry, we cater to customize high-quality packaging automation solutions for everyone.


  • Control product quality while packaging
  • Improve production speed
  • Get better information access
  • Reduce labor injuries
  • Pull down the staff hours

Ideal For

  Pharmaceutical Industry

  Food and Beverages Industry

  FMCG Industry

  Chemicals and Pesticides Industry

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