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The dedicated team of Check weigher experts meet the expectations of its customers, based on technological competence and a flexible approach.

Benefits of Checkweigher

Checkweigher safeguards products from precision pains and brand from credibility losses. The system facilitates speed and accuracy and gives out an in-depth analysis that can help to resolve all challenges at the shop-floor level.

Industry 4.0 compliant

Made from stainless steel, Checkweigher is CE certified Industrial 4.0 and GMP compliant.


Enabled with high-speed conveyor belts and advanced software for quality assurance.

Rejection Technique

Checks-out final packaging information on products to maintain information accuracy.

Data Storage

With network capacities, it can send out and store information centrally to offer MIS of any location automatedly.

Checkweigher Clientele


Our high performance dynamic checkweighers determine the weight of your packed or unpacked products to the milligram. Leading transport technology and Shubham Automation’s weigh cells amongst other features enable precise weighing and documentation.

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