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Aggregation to its best

Tackling the core competency of product aggregation to put forth the data efficiently in front of the decision makers. Our best-in-class aggregation solutions saves you from straining time and resources.

Benefits of Aggregation

Aggregation is something that one must consider if seeking a hassle-free, fast, and error-free supply. An investment in itself, aggregation not just augments the efficiency and safety but also improves the customer service by the product. If you are looking to scale up your manufacturing and supply then aggregation should be your next logical step.

Increase your operational efficiency

With digitized solutions slack from time wastage and add to productive abilities for expedited operations.

Simplify processes with single-window approach

Get all you need at a single screen making everyday processes seamless and error free.

Easy documentation with oriented data

Get streamlined and managed data for effortless markings, documentation and track for avoiding manual errors.

Consolidation leading to business growth

Experience an exponential business growth with better, faster, and safer machine line functioning with dexterous digital aggregation.

Aggregation Clientele


Aggregation is commonly understood as capturing and maintaining parent-child relationships between different packaging levels of product. The process affects serializing product at the saleable unit level, then correlating those units to the next level of the packaging configuration (e.g. shipper cases). The shipper cases are also serialized with their own serialized GTINs or SSCC numbers, and these are then linked with pallets. The pallet will typically have a unique SSCC number assigned.

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