About PNS-FC

Printing and scanning serial numbers on unfolded cartons has never been this easier. PNS-FC comes with a vacuum type conveying technology to ensure accurate movements of unfolded cartons. Combined with the top printing and scanning facility, you achieve 100% accuracy in serialisation. PNS-FC comes with a 15-inch industrial grade resistive touch display to help you manage your operations efficiently. It also offers centralised control of the printer and vision system to improve security. Moreover, the sensorless encoder-based logic helps reject products with incorrect details (serial number, barcode, etc.).

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    Benefits of PNS-FC

    Boost Productivity

    PNS-FC can achieve a printing speed of 120 products per minute. This means you can serialise more products in less time and with minimal human intervention. Your employees can use their precious time on other value-adding tasks.

    Better Accuracy

    Packed with a high-resolution camera and specially designed illumination, PNS-FC helps achieve a higher accuracy rate and eliminates manual errors. It also supports multiple cameras (via the EZ-PNS software), enabling you to double-check the accuracy.

    Highly Convenient

    PNS-FC is designed to make things easier for you. All the aspects of PNS-FC, including mountings, printing technologies, and user-friendly operating software, are built to help you get more work done in less time.

    Auto Rejection

    PNS-FC comes with an encoder-based logic system to control rejection. In other words, PNS-FC can automatically reject products with incorrect data or serial numbers, thereby reducing returns and improving your brand reputation.

    Key Features

    • Industrial 4.0 Compliant & CE Certified
    • User-Friendly Operating Software with 21 CFR Compliance
    • Vacuum type conveying technology that ensures accurate and jerk-free movements of unfolded cartons
    • Motorised carton Feeding mechanism with a magazine to load unfolded cartons
    • Robust mountings for precise position of the printer & vision systems
    • It comes with a high-resolution camera and megapixel lens for precise decoding of the data matrix and over coding.
    • It supports multiple printing technologies, such as TIJ and laser.
    • It is packed with highly-efficient vision tools like OCR, OCV and Data Matrix.
    Specification PNS - FC
    Cabinet Housing Made from SS - 304
    Safety Guard Acrylic / Polycarbonate / Toughened glass
    In motion technology Vacuum Type conveying technology
    HMI 15" industrial grade resistive touch display
    Industrial Printer TIJ/ Laser
    Vision inspection system High Resolution GigE vision hardware with special designed light
    Vision tools OCR / OCV and Data Matrix
    Speed 120 PPM
    Label Applicator NA
    Machine Dimensions
    (In MM)
    1825 mm(L) x 710 mm(W) x 1725 mm(H)
    Working Height (In MM) 850 +/- 50 mm
    Minimum Product Dimensions 70mm(L) x 60mm(W)
    Maximum Product Dimensions 230mm(L) x 220mm(W)
    Power Supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
    Suitable Product type Unfolded cartons

    All Industries

    Any industry, pharma, FMCG, or chemical that uses unfolded cartons and pouches to supply their products to the end customer.

    • Unfolded Carton
    • Standup Pouch
    • Pouch
    • Pouch
    • Pouch

    Shirish G Belapure,

    Senior Technical Advisor
    – Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance

    Former President, Manufacturing
    – Cadila Healthcare Limited

    Former Managing Director
    – Zydus Hospira Oncology Pvt Ltd

    I have known Shubham Automation for almost two decades. Their passion for technology, product workmanship and quality support are their strength. They do follow and run by the phrase ‘Customer is God’ in a true sense. I wish them all the best in all their future endeavours.

    Nitin Sobti,
    Managing Director
    Nitin Lifesciences Ltd.

    I am glad to have come across Shubham Automation as in my business. I was looking for accurate solutions to keep our product quality in check. Shubham Automation’s weight and vision-based quality assurance solutions have been perfec for our applications.

    Sahil Munjal,
    Director Operations
    Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.

    Shubham Automation has proven to be our genuine partners when we decided to implement Track & Trace at our plan. It’s after sales support is phenomenal.

    Ashok Dhiman,
    Saraswati Agro Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Shubham Automation has been our trusted partner for years for its effective and reliable weighing solutions. The machines are fast, flexible, durable and perfect for our applications.

    Harsh H. Joshi,
    Manager – Instrumentation
    Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd.

    At all our challenging environments, Shubham Automation has been 100 percent supportive and has guided us throughout the process of finding appropriate solution. It has proved to be our reliable partner in our perilous times.

    Pratikbhai Chotai,
    Talod Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

    Shubham Automation has not only provided solutions for our problems but they have offered insights along with it. Since installation; the performance, accuracy and efficiency has been taken care of.

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