Solutions for Pharma Industry

Partnering your Correctness

Shouldering the responsibility of keeping the entire world hale and hearty, the Pharma Industry needs to be in secure hands. Plaguing the industry are problems like counterfeit drugs, mislabeling, absent information, tracking shipments, labelling the products, proper weights and most importantly, Expiration information. One mistake can cost lives besides millions of dollars in losses.

Ensuring secure product track ad trace capabilities across the distribution channel is crucial to address the challenges faced by the industry. Not only does proper serialization and aggregation helps in maintaining traceability, but also helps maintain a competitive edge among competitors.

Furthermore, the process of automation also increases the productivity of the industry. Manual labour hours are reduced and errors are eliminated once the products go through the process of automation to detect errors of any kind.

Shubham Automation partners with you in this journey of ensuring correctness and completeness of your products. Our solutions, offer you security, safety and automation in compliance with the domestic and International laws maintaining credibility with the consumers at large.

Industry pains

Errors can be a huge pain in all industrial sectors, be it Pharma, FMCG, Chemicals or Fertilizers. Errors in packaging, labeling or tracing can lead to hazardous consequences resulting in loss of precious lives besides loss of face and brand.

There is a dire need to address this not only from the government's perspective by having stringent laws, but also from the industry perspective by having compliance. Remaining error-free has to be an attitude, a passion and social responsibility to the consumer who pays to buy the product we cater.

These Errors are of various kinds:

The Shubham Solution

At Shubham Automation, we offer you a range of services & products that ensure that your products do not go out and create a life-threatening situation. No error and mislabeling would affect your business because of your wise decision of partnering with Shubham.

Shubham's products, together with our ever improving quality and innovation provide you the cutting edge technology that helps you stay ahead of all competition as well as from hassles surrounding Track & Trace challenges.

Our List of products give you the accuracy and knowledge that helps you conduct your business flawlessly.

Quality Assurance

At Shubham, we understand the organization's need to be the best. We appreciate the efforts, infrastructure and costs that go into delivering the required quality output to lead the category. Our range of products help your organization prevent mistakes, defects and any kind of problems arising out of delivering nothing but the best to the customer. We are your default Quality Assurance Heads.

Track & Trace

'Lost' is now past tense. Control is the 'in' word. Shubham Automation strives to ensure that you are in complete command and control of all your systems, processes and products at all stages of distribution and point of purchase. Shubham Automation and its range of innovative products also commits to ensure that each of your shipment is within your knowledge, each batch is within your know and you, as an organization is in through grasp of your products anywhere in the world.


At Shubham Automation, we can be accused of having an algorithmic mind. We are always constantly automating processes and attempting to free the human hands from the pain of errors. Shubham's range of automation products help large organizations automate large to medium to small scale processes that permit more free time and worry-free mind. This helps them focus on internal innovations as well as expansion and more revenue sources, rather than squandering over physical acts of labour.

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