MUP (Mix Up Prevention)

Reducing Human Errors, Increasing Profits

Imagine the horror of discovering a wrong labelled product in the hand of the consumer? It would be a brand killer. This could have been avoided if the manual sorting would have been done on automation machines like Mix Up Prevention

This label sorting is an offline machine which will sort out your product with the respective label and ensure that no mix-up happens. So automate your shop-floor and prevent your brand from diminishing.

Effectiveness in Action

An effective feeder which gives out packing material for verification before being applied onto the products.

Clean Smooth Error-free

A camera set-up which reads the content and prevents any wrong labeling and mix-up thus offering a smooth packing line process.

Automation MUP in action

Watch the smooth process of feeding and verification of packing material in this video.

MUP Unique Features

  • Motorized Feeder with adjustable speed control to separate each carton, leaflet before inspection. Motorized Feeder is designed to deliver any products like Folded Leaflets , Loose Labels , Outserts , Unfolded Cartons on vacuum Conveyor at very high speed. Stacker accommodates carton / pouch / Folded Leaflet /Unfolded Carton / Outsert and conveyor picks up carton / pouch / Folded Leaflet /Unfolded Carton / Outsert from stack and slips it on set of rollers and rolls move it on conveyor for printing & Inspection.
  • Vacuum conveyor is unique feature of the system to transport any product without vibration on the conveyor. It will provide vacuum to hold the product during travelling on the conveyor for Printing or Inspection. Speed of Conveyor can be controlled by Variable Frequency Drive. Vacuum Conveying System for Carton/ Leaflet/Booklet smooth running on conveyor to achieve good quality and vibration free inspection
  • Online Vision system with MATRIX VISION Hardware with Smart Eye software Capable to inspect Length wise or width wise.
  • Different Vision tools to read machine readable code like Linear Code, 2D Matrix Coded , Mono / Color Pharmacode & Item code
  • 15 inch IPC with Touch display for Batch Setup & Run view of vision camera
  • Different reports like Fail Image analysis, various Batch reports like batch summary & daily batch report
  • Specimen creation & Recipe management for unlimited memory
  • 21 CFR Part 11 complaint Software
  • Password protection facility which can allow access right to different users like operator/supervisor /administration
  • PLC based Control Panel with Central Control System for Online Rejections
  • Machine STOP command for consecutive Pharmacode/1-D Code error in leaflet / carton & reset only through Supervisor password authentication
  • Flapper based rejection system for rejection of wrong product.
  • Encoder Based PLC logic to prevent any mismatch of rejection counts
  • Low air machine stop interlock for online rejection
  • Bin verification system to ensure any unwanted product in main stream line

Application Types for Feeder

  • 1) Feeder + Conveyor
  • 2) Feeder + Conveyor + Printing
  • 3) Feeder + Conveyor + Inspection (Machine Stop or Rejection )
  • 4) Feeder + Conveyor + Printing + Inspection (Machine Stop or Rejection )

Technical specifications

ApplicationCarton Mix Up Prevention System for Carton or Leaflet or OutsertCarton Mix Up Prevention System for two entities simultaneously.
Cabinet HousingStructure made from SS 304Structure made from SS 304
Display15 inch Color touch display15 inch Color touch display
Signal LightTIJ , CIJ , Laser MarkingTIJ , CIJ , Laser Marking
Camera SupportHigh Resolution Mono / Color Vision hardware with special designed illuminationHigh Resolution Mono / Color Vision hardware with special designed illumination
ApplicationCarton Mix Up Prevention System for Carton or Leaflet or OutsertCarton Mix Up Prevention System for two entities simultaneously.
Application1 D , 2D , Pharma code , logo.1 D , 2D , Pharma code , logo.
Air Pressure6Kg/sq cm6Kg/sq cm
Supply230 VAC230 VAC
Application areaUnfolded Carton , Folded Leaflet ,Folded BookletUnfolded Carton , Folded Leaflet ,Folded Booklet
Rejection SystemSingle Flapper type Rejection SystemDual Separate Flapper type Rejection System

Pharma vertical clientele