Quality Assurance

At Shubham, we understand the organization's need to be the best. We appreciate the efforts, infrastructure and costs that go into delivering the required quality output to lead the category.

Our range of products help your organization prevent mistakes, defects and any kind of problems arising out of delivering nothing but the best to the customer. We are your default Quality Assurance Heads.

Check Weigher

Assuring Inventive Accuracy

Shubham's Check Weigher safeguards your product from accuracy pains as well as your brand from credibility losses. Embedded with the state-of-the-art software that not only combines the speed and accuracy but also gives out in-depth analysis which can help solve challenges at the shop-floor level.

Smart Eye

Stay Ahead, Stay Smart

Shubham's SmartEye's automated vision system increases overall line accuracy and quality assurance avoiding recalls, reducing downtime, false-rejects, and rework, thereby increasing line efficiency.

Pharma vertical clientele