Pioneering Novel Solutions

For any industry be it pharma, FMCG or Chemical industry, Unfolded Carton serialization can be a difficult of worrisome process. Not any more, with Shubham Automation's PNS FC. Its housing cabinet is made from SS - 304 making it sturdy and class at the same time. PNS FC is an offline product and can be your end of the line comfort.

Offering printing with Laser coding as well as the standard TIJ and TTO, PNS FC also comes with high resolution GigE vision hardware with special designed illumination for a strong vision support. So, with unfolded cartons on any size or dimension, Shubham Automation's PNS FC is your one stop answer.

In Line with Growth

Marvel at the way unfolded cartons are sent for printing and scanning area one by one in a clean and non-clogged manner.

This makes printing and scanning for all sizes convenient.

Design of Convenince

The specific vacuum grill offers a perfect hold together with top printing and scanning facility which gives accuracy.

PNS FC In action

Watch the integration in this video.

Unique Features

  • Vacuum type conveying technology gives accurate and jerk free movements of unfolded cartons
  • Motorized carton Feeding mechanism with magazine to load unfolded cartons
  • Robust mountings for precise position of the Printer & Vision Systems
  • Equipped with High Resolution Camera and Megapixel Lens for precise decoding of Data Matrix and Over coding
  • Centralised control of Printer and vision system for message security
  • Multiple camera support through EZ-PNS software
  • Multiple printing technology support like TIJ, TTO, LASER
  • Speed of Printing & Inspection up to 250 per minute
  • Highly Efficient tools like OCR, OCV, 1D Barcode, Pharmacode, Datamatrix, Pattern matching.
  • User Friendly Operating Software with 21 CFR Compliance
  •  Large colour display for ease of use and view
  • Sensor less  encoder based logic for error free rejection
  • Easily integrates & works best with Our T &T software- SMART TRACKER as well as any Third party software
  • Fully Safe & Compact design

Technical specifications

Technical DetailsSpecifications
Cabinet HousingMade from SS-304
Display15 inch Color Touch Industrial Display
PrinterTIJ , TTO , Laser Coding
CameraHigh Resolution GigE Vision Hardware with specially designed illumination
Vision ToolsOCR/OCV, Datamatrix, Pharmacode, 1D Barcode, Pattern Matching
Conveying MechanismVacuum Type PVC belt
Machine Dimension in mm1920 (L) X 800 (W) X 1640 (H)
Speed in PPM (Product Per Minute)Up to 250 PPM
Product SuitabilityUnfolded Carton
Supply230 VAC
Feeding mechanismMotorised friction feeder type

Pharma vertical clientele