Track & Trace

'Lost' is now past tense. Control is the 'in' word. Shubham Automation strives to ensure that you are in complete command and control of all your systems, processes and products at all stages of distribution and point of purchase.

Shubham Automation and its range of innovative products also commits to ensure that each of your shipment is within your knowledge, each batch is within your knowledge and you, as an organization is in through grasp of your products anywhere in the world.

Smart Tracker

Tracking & Cracking Errors

Shubham's Smart Tracker is a web based software which makes your serialization & aggregation process accurate, integrated & secured. It can be used for any line level packing as well as for multiple plant locations.

PNS (Serialization)

Pioneering Novel Solutions

Shubham's innovative product is designed to alleviate your printing and checking pains and comes in separate models to suit your individual requirement.

EZPCR (Aggregation)

Your complete success package

A perfect example of innovation using technology. Experimenting with mirror technology, all-in-one structure, low maintenance and no downtime for an error-free performance.

Pharma vertical clientele