EZPCR-ML-500 Scan Station

Large Dimensions Worries Gone

Is multiple code reading in big shipping cases a matter of worry for you? Well throw the burden away with EZPCR ML 500. This innovative single camera based technology is compatible with Bottle and Blister line and can handle multiple layer shipper scanning with ease.

EZPCR ML 500 also comes with a tilting table for easy movement of carton and shipper scanning. This machine can be either a standalone unit or can be integrated with smart tracker as well as third party Track & Trace solutions. So, for your multiple aggregation applications like item to bundle, bundle to shipper and item to shipper EZPCR ML 500 is your perfect ally.

Size doesn't matter

Classic mechanical device which can accommodate any size of carton and also position it in a favorable direction for effective scanning.

Effective Functional Design

The unique favorable design of the top mounted camera enables cartons of all sizes to be scanned effectively.

EZPCR ML 500 in action

Watch the large apparatus in action in this video

Scan for Growth

Shubham Automation Scan Station is commonly used throughout automated packaging applications to monitor, track and trace critical data to ensure quality while maximizing productivity. Innovating on the product and making it compliant with Global laws governing aggregation gives Shubham the edge over competition.

Unique Features

  • Compatible for Bottle Line as well as Blister line
  • Single High resolution Camera based technology to handle Multiple Code reading in big Shipping Case.
  • High Mega Pixel Lens with balanced illumination technology
  • Large touch screen Display for ease of use and view
  • Minimal Setting in Software enabling you to have a smooth sailing
  • Multiple Layer Shipper scanning through servo based automatic up –down mechanism
  • Complete Shipper scanning Control
  • BaseTable for easy movement of carton and shipper for scanning
  • Capable to handle multiple aggregation applications like item to bundle , bundle to shipper and item to shipper .
  • Easily integrates & Works best with Our T&T software- SMART TRACKER as well as any Third party software
  • Fully Safe & Compact design
  • User Friendly Operating Software with 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

Technical specifications

Technical DetailsSpecifications
Cabinet HousingStructure made from SS 304
Display17 inch Color Touch Industrial Display
PrinterTTO type Printer
CameraHigh Resolution GigE Vision Hardware with specially designed illumination
Vision ToolsDatamatrix
Camera Housing in mm415 (L) X 512 (W) X 180 (H)
Machine Dimension in mm700 (L) X 850 (W) X 2250 (H)
Height Adjustments for products in mmUpto 500mm
Shipper Dimensions in mm550 mm X 500mm
Overall Height in mm2200 (H) Adjustable
Supply230 VAC

Pharma vertical clientele