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Shubham's Omni 360 is a complete integration of hardware and software that offers 360 degrees of package using two cameras and mirror technology reading labels without any product contact.


Worried that complex technology can result in errors of shipper reading? Well, Shubham Automation with its continuous innovation has reduced your pain to a zero with EZPCR-SCANOMNI-360. First noticeable section is the modular adjustable design for fast set-up and mobility. Next is the pioneering 2-Camera reflection technology which removes the complex 6-7 camera set up and gives complete coverage with low maintenance besides the option of top/bottom reading. This also offers a wide horizon of more than 180 degrees with mirror technology preventing clogging.

Among the other amazing features of EZPCR-SCANOMNI-360 are its capability of detecting 2D Code on any cylindrical shape, size and dimensional product with minimal software setting enabling smooth sailing. EZPCR-SCANOMNI-360 easily integrates & works best with Smart Tracker as well as any Track & Trace solutions and is tough enough to withstand harsh environments, translating to non-stop profits.

Thoughtful Design leadership

A pioneering mirror & two camera set-ups for parent child mapping of the product for effective aggregation.

Clean Smooth Error-free

A unique top down vision mechanical structure gives a complete clear picture of the product offering clarity.

EZPCR Scan Omni 360 in action

Watch the video of the entire process of aggregation.

EZPCR-SCANOMNI-360 Unique Features

  • Modular adjustable design for fast set-up and mobility in pacing line
  • Pioneering 2-Camera Reflection Technology removes 6-7 camera complexity
  • Unique vision technology gives complete 360 degree coverage with ease of setting
  • User Friendly Operating Software with 21 CFR Part 11 Complaint
  • Capable to detect 2D Code on any cylindrical shape, size and dimensional product
  • Dummy 2D code detection facility through top / bottom camera arrangement
  • Minimal Setting in Software enabling you to have a smooth sailing
  • Customized as well as standardized software configuration offering you wide choices
  • Centre driven PVC belt conveyor mechanism
  • Easily integrates & Works best with Our T&T software- SMART TRACKER as well as any Third party software
  • Ability to withstand in any harsh environments, translating to non-stop profits.
  • Sensor-less rejection technology
  • Fully Safe & Compact design

Technical specifications

Technical SpecificationSpecifications
Cabinet HousingStructure from SS 304 with Acrylic Doors
Display17 inch Color Touch Industrial Display
Camera2 High Resolution Camera based technology to support 360 view with Specially Designed illuminination
Vision ToolsDatamatrix, Pharmacode
Conveying MechanismPVC belt conveyor with Pressing wheel type separation mechanism
Machine Dimension in mm1250(L) X1100 (W) X 1850 (H)
Height adjustment for Products40 to 200 mm
Speed in BPM (Bottles per minute)250 BPM
Overall Height including Signal Light in mm1920 (H) Adjustable
Supply230 VAC

Pharma vertical clientele