Your Strategic Advantage

Print n Spect essentially prints checks different code and human readable information at all levels of packing area. This area could either be the primary labeling machine or the blister line. This is followed by secondary line in the cartonator and direct printing on shipper. The process then culminates with print n apply label on shipper as well as code verification through vision system in tertiary packing line.


Tamper-proofing your growth

Secure your product with tamper evidence scan, printing and scanning security using PNS-TB-SS


Fill your Vacuum with Success

Unique technology using vacuum to firmly hold your products and are traceable always.


Flatten your competition

Serialization all types and sizes for your convenience.


Measure your Success on all sides

Top to bottom success is guaranteed as all sizes of products are scanned.


Labelling your Happiness

Accurate labelling ensures your brand and reputation remains intact.


Register a Blistering Growth

Delicate, yet sturdy and a perfect partner to your growth

General Features

  • To Print and Inspect on any surface in Packing Vertical
  • It covers Primary , Secondary & Tertiary level of Packaging
  • Any object like label, carton, foil,shipper,cap,and bottle.
  • Any surface like varnish, non-varnish, laminated foil & glass
  • Any background like mat,dull, shiny or glossy.
  • Any printing technology like TIJ,CIJ,TTO,Laser, Stereo.
  • Integration with any packaging machine like sticker labelling, cartonator, blister, strip.
  • Any combination of printer with vision system.
  • Multiple camera support through PRINT n SPECT software
  • Centralised control of Printer and vision system for message security
  • High speed printing and inspection through LAN /Serial Connectivity with printer and vision
  • Special hardware range for camera , illumination & Lens
  • Speed of Printing & Inspection up to 300 message / minute
  • Highly Efficient tools like OCR,OCV, 1D 2D.
  • 21 CFR Compliance
  • Large colour display for ease of use and view
  • Compatible with any Track & Trace system
  • Rejection Confirmation system
  • User Friendly Operating Software

To suit each requirement, we have separate models.

Pharma vertical clientele